Our Services

We are available to facilitate communication and provide access to everyone. We are always looking to serve our clients more efficiently and offer services for more than 200 languages

On-Site Interpreting Services

Consecutive and simultaneous on-site interpreting may be scheduled 24/7/365

Telephonic Interpreting Services

Scheduled telephonic interpreting may be requested 24/7/365

ASL Interpreting Services

ASL interpreters may be requested 24/7/365 and are RDI qualified

Translation Services

Document translation allows companies to reach a more diverse population. Our translators are experienced with the following projects:

-Marketing materials

-News articles

-Legal notices

-Medical documents

-Webpage translating


Transcription Services

Our transcribers are efficient and are versed in many different subjects and turnaround time is dependent on project size and complexity.

Non-Emergency Transportation

All transportation providers are thoroughly vetted and insured, and our drivers are highly experienced in NEMT and provide door-to-door service.

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Why Health Plus Trans?

Experience- HPT has more than 10 years of experience in the industry, developing relationships with legal professionals across the country and providing exceptional customer service.
24/7/365 Service- We are always available to accept requests and are always quick to respond and assist our clients.
Fast, FREE Quotes- Our staff delivers free quotes for all translation, legal interpreting and transportation requests in a timely manner.

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